Bigg Boss 12 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Jasleen and Anup’s relationship questioned

Bigg Boss 12 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 1
Deepak looks at Jacuzzi and says I am seeing this thing for first time, it has jets to massage, its dangerous. He calls Urvashi and sees look at decorations. Urvashi says it looks like school. Deepak says I still cant believe it.

Deepak says to Anup that I am stunned to see you here. Anup says I came for Jasleen, she was going so I said that I will accompany you, Bigg boss needs glamour and patience both, Jasleen will get support from me being with her here. Deepak says competition is a lot here, it will hinder her. Deepak says all are here to win, Neha says he is correct.

Song tan tana tan, All start dancing, Jasleen makes Anup dance too.

Sristy says I slept late, they talked a lot, Saba was talking in low tone, Urvashi was shouting for Deepak, Sristy says Anup was snoring so much.

Jasleen brings breakfast for Anup. Saba asks how they met? are you a couple? Jasleen says I told you that this is immature talk about girlfriend-boyfriend, love is different. Anup says we have different liking, we dont have a name for relation, we are important for each other, Jasleen says Anup is very sweet, he has everything I need. Saba says I was curious to see you both. Anup says we have a pure and clear relationship because of love for music. Saba leaves. Jasleen says to Anup that why she keeps asking? if she asks again then I will play along.

Romil asks Sourabh what he is making? Romil says me and Sourabh will handle kitchen, Shilpa did it in last season. Romil helps Sourabh. Neha is cooking too and helping Sourabh. Romil says we are learning from Sourabh. Romil and Deepak jokes with him.

Deepak says to Sree that we met and played cricket. Sree says dont lie. Roshmi says he will say his parents beat him too. Sourabh says give Deepak work to fill in the blanks and he should use his mind whole day to think about that. Deepak says I am so useless in house that I will do that?

Deepak looks at his family photo and says it was big dream and now its fulfilled, he weeps and asks his parents to bless him, there are many weird people here, make fun of me, I dont understand if I should be nice or not? if they are against me. Jasleen comes there and asks about his family. Deepak shows his family photo and says we didnt have TV but we knew about Bigg boss, I dont understand that people in house can say anything, they think that I am just saying rubbish, Sourabh said that I will be used to fill blank space like I am useless. Jasleen says he was trying to throw you out of there. Deepak says yes they think I am not of their level. Jasleen says its not like that, dont let them think that. Deepak says I have something thats why I am here, its not a small platform.

Anup asks Deepak if fights will start and from where? Deepak says it has history that first they will show they are so mingling and then slowly they will find chances to put you down, they will insult infront of all. Jasleen says some people are negative, they show something but not really doing it. Urvashi says they will not cook rotis. Jasleen says that Saba was discussing about us, are we here to tell who we are and what is our relation? why she is asking all that when I answered her? She said to Deepak that you keep eating so he doesnt open his mouth.

Somi asks Shiv if he knows her name? Shiv says your sister is Saba which is day and you are Somi which is night. Shiv says I will remember by face.

Saba says to Deepak that you are cute, Deepak ignores her. Saba says you are ignoring me? you are not talking to me. Deepak says I get confused between Saba and Somi. Romil says this is Saba, Deepak says they lookalike, I get confused. Saba says if you listen to others then you will remember.

Somi says to Shiv that we should take time and know games of others, some girls are trying to dominate, I didnt come to follow orders, some people are like kid eat this, eat that, its like putting us near a wall and take attention.

Deepika says to Neha that when work is divided then it will be fun. Neha says I think no work is being done, how we will delicate responsibilities? Deepika says all are settling down, they might start taking duties, I dont think most of people are trouble creators. Neha says situation didnt arrive till now.

Deepika is called in confession room. Bigg boss greets her and says do you like it here? she says yes. Bigg boss says we are giving a task, please tell inmates about it, read this instructions to them.
Deepika calls everyone in living area, Deeppika reads that first task of season is starting, it will affect luxury budget and also affect nominations and captaincy, task is BB press conference, it will be task between singles and pairs, singles will be challengers who will challenge pairs for a press conference, both parties will try to prove that other party is weak and doesnt deserve to be in house, it will be single vs. pair and all others will vote at the end of argument and decide who won it, when gong plays, singles have to press buzzer and challenge that pair doesnt deserve to be in house so press conference will start.

Gong plays, Srishty runs and presses it, she says I challenge Jasleen and Anup for press conference.
Jasleen says to Anup that we will prove that we are calm and patient so we deserve to be in house. Deepak says to inmates that clear all questions.
Jasleen says to Anup that Sristy is soft and doesnt have guts. Anup says she looks simple. Jasleen says she doesnt have guts and current to do things, your thoughts have current and my body have current so we are stronger than her, I am glad we are against her.

Sristy is in thoughts. Deepak says to Urvashi that she is a sweet dagger, she can play a game.

Press conference starts, Bigg boss says two celebrities will be part of conference, he welcomes Hina and Hiten. They come and greet everyone. Jasleen and Anup are on stae. Sristy says I feel that Anup have age factor so he wont be able to perform in tasks, he looks very nice person so he might not be able to fight for himself, I can be wrong. Anup says I have good relation here, Jasleen and I are one here. Jasleen says we both understand situations and then react, we have different experience, I feel Sristy is immature, all physical tasks are not about running and pressing buzzer, its a mind game too, everything is involved, Hina nods. Deepika says if Anup is not comfortable with physical tasks then what? Jasleen says he will try but I can do it. Hina says we have been here, mind tasks are more important than physical tasks. Karan says to Anup that Jasleen does a lot for you, she brings food and everything so will you take advantage of that? Anup says everyone cares for me. Saba says you are a pair but we dont see chemistry that people will want to see. Jasleen says just because we are couple doesnt mean that I have to show affection, I care for Anup and I want to mingle with others too. Saba says what chemistry you want us to show? Anup puts hand on her shoulder and says now its better? Hina laughs. Deepika says to Jasleen that you seem reluctant to accept your relation on stage? Neha says when we asked you, you ignored question about your relation? Jasleen says I might be tired at that time. Hina says this can be their strategy to fool everyone. Deepak says Anup is Jasleen’s teacher but she takes your name, taking name is a sin. Deepak says they hid their love angle. Hina says not valid point. Shiv asks about their relationship. Jasleen says we are teacher-student and care for each other. Shiv asks if they are lovers? GF-BF? Jasleen says this is not a dating show, we dont have to show our relation, its not an immature show, its our understanding, why are you commenting on that? Karan says Anup accepts that there is love and you deny it? Sree says you should be confident to accept it. Hina says do you accept that its a love relationship? Jasleen says I obviously accept it. All clap and hoot for her. Bigg boss asks who won between pair vs. single? Majority votes for Jasleen-Anup pair as weak, Hina and Hiten vote for single as weak. Hina counts vote 8 people voted that couple is weak. Bigg boss says so Single won this task.

Romil says to Deepika that they accepted infront of Salman and media.

Jasleen says to Sree that they wanted to hear so we told them that we accept it, Sristy is immature, Sree says its about respect, you were perfect Jasleen for accepting it openly. Shiv says sorry to Anup for getting personal.

Gong plays, Neha runs and presses buzzer, she challenges Deepak and Urvashi. She pats Deepak.

Deepak says to Urvashi that we will handle. Urvashi says we will not go personal, Deepak says she will say we are not mature, Urvashi says just answer her well, we shouldnt look weak.

Press conference starts. Neha says Deepak and Urvashi are non-celebrities, its a big struggle to come here and I think they are still too excited to have any strategy, I feel they didnt do any effort to participate in house, I didnt have bonding here, they talk a lot which is good for Bigg boss. Neha says Deepak doesnt come to point, he cant express himself well, Deepak says you think like that, we were participating in kitchen, nobody did it alone, I was working with Anup, I cant forcefully takeover kitchen so I keep camera on me, I talked to you last night, I told you that I used to watch your show, you can talk to me too, you are a celebrity and show big heart, I cant waste time with cooker just to keep camera on me. Hina says they way Deepak talks, its a game plan or natural? Deepak says no they didnt understand what I was trying to say. Hina says so this is your natural style, its cute. Deepak says to Neha that she didnt find any weak point in us so she dug too deep, I feel something very bad will come out of her. All laugh. Hina says your badness came out. Deepak says I am like that, Neha have weakness that she trying to keep up an image. Urvashi says strategy is not to be in kitchen. Anup says Neha that you pressed buzzer too fast, you are not prepared to question them. Neha says clarity of thought is important, I laugh at his talks but lets say we are doing a group task then I wont be able to understand strategy. Hina says he does twist a little but he has strong point of view. Hiten says he is not silent, he is telling his thought process. Bigg boss asks for voting. All vote that single Neha was weak. Hiten votes Neha as weak, Hina says Neha was ill so she might be down, she votes her as weak too. Bigg boss says as per votes, Single lost this time, he ends today’s time of press conference.

Somi says that its boring, Saba says we can have a fight. Shiv says we will fake a fight.
Romil is talking to Sree. Saba and Shiv comes in lounge. Saba asks him to not joke when he doesnt have right. Saba comes there and asks why slippers are thrown like that? She says to Shiv that you have gone mad. Shiv says laugh if you want, laugh. Saba says you were joking with me, Shiv says there is a way to talk, you should learn. Saba says you learn to talk. Shiv says who are you? slap will be raised from one hand. Romil says you are talking about slapping a girl? Saba asks him to finish it, if you say rubbish then I wont spare you. Saba asks Shiv to come to side to discuss. Shiv says okay lets go, he goes with Saba.
They come in garden and laugh at their fake fight.
In lounge, Romil says they were having fun.

PRECAP- Somi asks people what did you work since morning? Deepika says I am not bound to answer you. Saba says I wont work now, you are showing attitude. Deepika shrugs. Saba says dont show it again
Deepak says to Saba and Somi that you are clever. Sree says you both try to pick fights. Somi says I dont like his attitude. Nirmal says that you both bring all points together which is a weakness for later. Shilpa and Karan Patel are there as judges. Shilpa says Saba and Somi doesnt have manners to talk.