Bigg Boss 12 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sristy and Deepika gives up

Day 9
Inmates wake up to song saath samandar paar.. they all wake up and dance together. They see props in garden. Roshmi says it will singles vs. pairs in a boat.

Deepak says to Sourabh that I proposed a girl but she rejected me. Romil says to Somi that I want to be captain of ship if its needed in task. Somi says we will see.

Alarm rings, Kriti sees Deepak sleeping and wakes him up. Deepak says I am ill, call doctor. Deepak goes to sleep again. Sourabh says to Kriti that Deepak didnt clean kitchen. Deepak says I did my work, Sourabh asks what did he do? Deepak says I did my work, kitchen work is not mine. Kriti says you have to mp kitchen. Deepak says Sourabh knows that I am ill and purposefully doing it. Sourabh asks him to not shout, I was joking, I can take your points too. Urvashi takes Deepak from there. Sourabh says why he is shouting?

Sristy reads task Titled ‘Samundari Lootere’, the task will once again put jodis against singles. The single celebs will have to be prisoners of the pirate jodis. They will have to carry a golden ring while sitting on a chair. The jodis will be required to torment and torture them in order to attain the ring. While Kriti Verma-Roshmi Banik will be the referee of the task, Sreesanth will be asked to guide and support his celebrity team. Bigg Boss further informs the contestants that this luxury budget task will also have an impact on the upcoming captaincy task and the nomination process. Task will go on till they get all four rings or bigg boss stop the task.

Sree says to Neha that I will support, Deepika says to Sree that you have to keep my letters safe. She gives it to him.
Shiv takes red spices.
Sree says to Deepika that they are bad, Deepika says it happens in this game, you are in this game too. Deepika says they can try to chop our hair too. Sree says I will not stop if they cross the line. Karan says I am more worried about him, Karan says take it easy. Sristy says dont raise hand, it will insulting to be beaten.

First Neha sits on seat with ring. Buzzer, plays, pair throw spicy water on her hair. Karan says dont do it, you cant destroy mic. Kriti says she should have taken it off, I am neutral. Neha’s face is covered with garbage. She smiles. Deepika says its nourishment for her.
Sree says to Roshmi that we will use our minds later. Romil pours water on Neha. Karan says take care of her mic, you cand to it. Jasleen asks to keep his acting to him. Sristy says to Sree that you have to do it, you have to play for us, we are bearing all this too.

They bring oranges, powder to throw at Neha. Kriti says Neha cant stop pairs from anything. Neha is covering her face with ring, Kriti says you cant do it. Saba pours powder on her face. Deepika says you cant touch her like this, Deepika cheers for Neha. Sree says to Karan that these sisters are useless. He asks Saba to not force her, Saba says we are not getting physical, she is pushing our hands away, she is beating us. Sree says you cant get physical, you people are not humans, I will slap you. Saba asks him to stop it.

Sree cries, Sristy says you cant cry, Sree says this is stressful, it angers me.

Deepika claps for Neha. Sourabh asks Neha if she is fine. She nods. They bring oil. Bigg boss says that Neha’s time on chair has ended and since she didnt give up ring so singles won this round. Saba says to Karan that Sree said he will slap me.
Karan asks Sree to calm down.
Romil says to team that we have to get rings from them.
Deepika says to Karan that Sristy is worried but she is competitive.

Sristy sits on chair and sighs, Saba pours powder on her. Sristy cleans it. Deepika cheers for Sristy. Sristy’s eyes are burning, Kriti says she cant lose ring, if she does then she will lose. Water and spice is thrown on Sristy. Sristy gets up from chair and screams for water, Neha brings it, she washes her eyes. Sristy gets down from chair and gives up her ring.

Sristy cries and says to Neha that I apologize, I want to slap them for putting in my eyes. Sree asks her to calm down, no worries. Sristy goes to wash her eyes, Neha says dont worry.

Deepika sits on chair, pairs start throwing water on her, Deepika tries to cover her eyes and keep holding on to ring. Karan cheers for her. Saba and Somi keeps assualting her with water, Romil and Sourabh keeps throwing water at her too, Deepika is tired, they keep throwing water at her face. Karan asks Nirmal to calmly do it, Sree says calm down. Roshmi says Deepika stood up from chair once. Bigg boss says referees have to decide, Kriti says she gave up. Deepika says they are being partial, she gives her ring to pairs.

Karan sits on chair and covers his eyes, Romil puts shampoo on his face, Sree cheers for him. They keep throwing powder, lemon and other things on him. Nirmal says to Romil that he is breathing from nose, dont let it happen. Deepak says you want him to not even breath? we can torture in a limit, Roshmi says they have to make them give up. Sree claps. Deepak says irmal is asking to put things in their noses. Sree gets angry, Deepika says dont say anything wrong, I will beat them, Deepika says you wont fight. Sourabh throws water at KAran, Karan keeps bearing it. Deepak asks him to be human, Sourabh shouts that I know he is in pain, I dont want to do it, you want to be hero in all this? he charges at Deepak, Deepak shouts at him too. Romil says to Deepak that if he is hurt then he will get up.

Bigg boss says Karan’s time on chair has ended and he kept ring to himself. Karan falls down from chair. Kriti says pairs got two rings.

Sourah says to Anup that Karan is like a brother to me, I knew I was hurting, Deepak is playing double game. Sree says Deepak was right about breathing thing, you people played today and tomorrow we will play.

Deepika says to Karan that they were hitting you, we will not play like that, she cries. Karan says its okay, Karan says hatts off to you girls.

Deepak says to Shiv that they were hurting Karan, Shiv says why did you start shouting. Deepak says using water to hurt girls was wrong.
Deepika says to Sree that Deepak is standing for us, Deepika says Urvashi is strong, she wont get down from chair.

Romil says to Somi that I will show how I perform for tomorrow, I will show we are not weaks like that. Saba says I am waiting for tomorrow.
Sree says to Karan that we will do what we want tomorrow, Sristy says dont give them chance now, they are nominated already, Deepika says they started throwing water so much that it hurt. Neha says if four people come from them then we can win.

Deepak says to Somi that as team members, we were wrong, Somi says you wanted to become hero and made your team as villains. Deepak says I have seen tasks, Nirmal was saying to not even let them breath, we can play game. Somi says its not about being evil, Deepak says I felt that it was wrong.
Karan says to Deepika that I saw Romil’s real face today, he is selfish.

Jasleen talks to Shiv, they hide perfumes and other stuff. Shiv hides them in his cabinet. Roshmi, Romil are hiding things too. Jasleen is hiding her conditioners too. Kriti hides shampoos.

Jasleen says in pairs one is strong and one is weak, Roshmi says Anup is mentally more strong, Jasleen says they wont try to insult Anup so they will target me, I thought to take their makeups but thought it would be bad but they can do with us, Saba says then I wont stop even after task, it will be war then.

PRECAP- Singles have to take rings from pairs. Deepika is throwing powder and other things on pair. Kriti asks her to not touch them, Deepika says its a war. Somi shouts to stop Deepika. Shiv is on chair, he shouts at Sristy, Sristy shouts to relax.