Inside Pictures Of Big Boss House Season 12!

This time it is a beach theme and its undoubtedly phenomenal!

Beach Theme

Get ready to watch Big Boss season 12 with Salman Khan. But the makers have decided to shock the contestants by treating them to a holiday. This time the theme of the house is beach Everything will be related to that. From blue hues to sea animals and shells adorning the walls.

Like A Water Castle

Salman Khan is going to bring different things of a beach alive on television screen. The contestants would feel like they have entered a vibrant aquatic castle.

Sea Animals

There are sea animals well-crafted on the walls and a huge tree trunk with fairy lights. There is also one of the walls in the bedroom which has created to give an illusion of the sea with sea animals painted on it.

Confession Room

The important and threatening room is the confession room which has styled the bohemian way. The look and feel of the room is very warm.

Dining Area

The dining area is made up of wooden boat hung upside down.

Garden Area

The garden area not just showing off the boat as the sitting space, but the swimming pool looks like as an exotic beach.

Kaal Kothari

Kaal Kothari is as it is same. It has three bed like always and a tiny toilet. The worst performer contestants sent every week into the jail as a punishment.


While the house definitely looks like a pretty resort. Let see the contestant as today is a grand premier of Bigg Boss!